Chrome Extension

We designed an app that helps you adopt password strategies more easily in your day to day life. It's an add-on that you can add to your chrome and it helps you maintain your set of website names and special strings.

How does it work?

The add-on shows you the input to your mental algorithm, you generate and type your passwords yourself using your mental algorithm and then the add-on shows you what you should add to the end of your password. Our add-on does not have access to your passwords. We want you to be the only person who knows your passwords!

Free Download

Download the add-on for free from the following link: Download

How to use it?

Assume that you want to log in to


Click on the add-on's icon Bee on the right corner of your chrome bar. The first time that you enter a website, the add-on detects the name of the website automatically and saves it as the Challenge Name (amazon). This is the default input to your mental algorithm.


The add-on also shows you a string of characters which you can add to the end of your passwords. The default for this string is 7$B.

What if this special string does not satisfy Amazon's password requirements? Just type a new special string e.g., 1A@! and press the save button. Now on, the add-on shows this new string whenever you want to login to Aamazon.


If you decide to change your password for Amazon, you only need to change the input to your algorithm. Just click on challenge field and insert the new string e.g., jungle. Press the save button.