Click on this video to learn the Letter Code Strategy in less than 2 minutes!
Let's practice this method and generate a couple of passwords!
Letter Code
Special String

Try again!

For amazon:
  1. a goes to q
  2. m goes to j
  3. a goes to q
  4. z does not appear in our word sequence. So we will skip it
  5. o goes to d
  6. n goes to r
  7. Add the string B7!
Do similarly for wikipedia
Great! You just learned a new strategy for generating secure passwords. In the next page, we will ask you to design such a method for yourself.

Text instructions

  1. Select a random letter to consonant map for the first 20 letters of the alphabet, e.g.,
  2. Memorize your mapping. Click on the video below to learn an easy memorization technique that helps you memorize your mapping in a few minutes.
  3. Memorize the ending B7! (or one of your choice). This is important to make all of your passwords meet the requirements of different websites.
Given a website name, e.g., netflix, generate your password as follows:
  1. Start with the first letter of the website name (n) and find its mapping in your table, (r). Output r. If the letter does not appear in your word sequence, output the wildcard x.
  2. The next letter is (e), output g.
  3. The next letter is (t), output y.
  4. Repeat on the remaining letters of netflix till you reach the end, ( netflix --> rgybpl )
  5. Attach your ending: netflix --> rgybplB7!. This is your password!
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