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Practice on Your Own!
Digit Code
Special String
your reponse

Text instructions

Mapping letters to numbers!
Select five frequent consonants, e.g.,
n s t r d m
Add the five vowels
a e i o
Now you have 10 letters
n s t r d m a e i o
Write them around a circle (This helps you choose words faster)
Make two or three words with your letters
  1. Choose a random number between 0 and 9. This is going to be your wildcard, e.g., 4
  2. Memorize the ending aB! (or one of your choice). This is important to make all of your passwords meet the requirements of different websites.
Given a website name, e.g., apple, generate your password as follows:
  1. Start at the first letter of apple, ( a ).
  2. Find the first occurrence of the letter in in-star-mode and output the corresponding number. If the letter is not found in your letter sequence, output the wildcard. This is the first digit of your password. ( a --> 5 ).
  3. Repeat on the remaining letters of apple till you reach the end. ( apple --> 54440 )
  4. Attach your ending: apple --> 54440aB! This is your password!